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The Beauty + Business Of Opening A Brick + Mortar With Tracy Trellis, Trellis Beauty

Clean beauty will always be close to my heart. After all, it was my main focus as a makeup artist before clean beauty was cool. 

So, this episode brings together one of my favorite loves with one of my favorite people and fellow business owners, Tracy Trellis with Trellis Beauty!

Trellis Beauty is equal parts innovative, inspiring, and impactful. In everything they do, Trellis Beauty hopes to educate their customers in someway, not just make a sale. Whether you are looking to clean up your beauty routine, take care of your skin, learn a makeup technique, or find a new cult favorite product, Trellis is there for you every step of the way.

In other words, the experience you get at Trellis Beauty is unlike any other makeup shopping experience I've ever encountered.

From constantly testing out and trying new brands, to reducing waste and the impact of beauty waste on the environment, all the way to changing the way women think about their beauty products, Trellis is truly making...

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Reduce Stress, Overwhelm, and Burnout In Your Business

I've had many, many conversations over the past year about business overwhelm.

Some days it seems our to do lists are endless, we can't catch up, and feel bogged down by the constant weight of running, managing, and growing a successful small business.

The words anxiety, stress, and fatigue are used again and again.

Some women exclaim that they feel like quitting, that they've lost their original purpose, or that they want to do something different all together (like I did). 

Reflecting on these conversations and my own experience, I realized there is a deep need for opening up dialogue about how we can reduce the business stress, anxiety, and prevent or avoid burnout. 

I wrote "Endless: A Story Of Entrepreneurial Burnout And Practical Knowledge On Preventing It In Your Business" for you, dear friend, because I am passionate on working together to lead more joyful, inspired businesses.

Most importantly, I don't want you to ever experience what I did when I burned out in my...

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11 Questions To Clarify Your Social Media Strategy

I have learned that social media for business with out a strategic plan is liking running your business in the dark; it’s utter, total chaos.

And if you are still with me, that means you feel the same way. For me, without a digital marketing plan in place, I spent so many hours creating posts, posting, submitting hashtags, reposting, sharing, and engaging with my audience. It took up all my time, my business wasn’t growing, and the return on investment just wasn’t there. Talk about exhausting, defeating, and infuriating.

Eventually, I got tired of all that work without little return and took the time to learn how to layout an effective social media strategy. We aren’t getting into all of that nitty gritty in this post (coming soon, though!), of course, but I am going to get you thinking about clarifying what your social media strategy needs to look like.

I give you eleven-ish questions you can ask yourself to start to work out what your strategy should look...

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10 Signs You Might Be Burned Out In Business (Or headed that way!)

We don’t know what we don’t know. When I was experiencing burnout in my last business, I just thought that the fatigue, anxiety, and exhaustion were all part of being a business owner. Turns out I was wrong! All of the red flags were there—I just didn’t understand how to recognize them, so I hope that this list might help you to see if you are in fact heading down the road to entrepreneurial burnout or if perhaps you are just having a bad day (or week).


10 Signs You Might Be Burnt Out In Your Business (Or headed that way!)

  1. Day to day tasks in business that normally wouldn’t bother you feel overwhelming, annoying, or frustrating.

  2. Interacting with clients becomes a chore or you find that even the simplest client requests are bothersome.

  3. You do as little as possible daily just to get through the day and spend the rest of your time seeking comfort activities: food, TV, sleep, alcohol, etc.

  4. You are easily irritated with customers,...

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How I Recovered From Business Burnout

If you haven’t heard me say it enough already, burn out is a real thing that not enough business owners and entrepreneurs are talking about on the center stage.

When I burned out—I mean, crashed and burned—in my last business I had no one to turn to. I felt so alone and ashamed that I had ‘failed’ in my business. But the part that surprised me most about going through a period of intense burn out was how long it took me to recover. I can honestly say it took me about a year and a half (yes, you read that right!) to start to feel physically, emotionally, and mentally stable, good, and well. Let me just say this—I never want to be there again and I certainly don’t wish that upon any other business owner, because it was hard.

While every entrepreneur’s journey of burn out, exhaustion, or fatigue might look different, it is my goal to be open and transparent about my recovery and the steps I took to move forward.

If you aren’t sure...

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My Best Advice To Prevent Business Burnout

As an entrepreneur, preventing compassion fatigue or burnout is a full time job in itself.

But, if you are unable to do nothing else of the sage wisdom and advice I give you to prevent burnout in your business, then I wish that you would heed this one piece of advice.

Before you scroll down, if you are reading this right now and you aren’t sure if you are burnt out, here’s a great post talking all about some of the signs that you might be burnt out or at least heading in that direction. If you read it and agree, come back to this post to hear what I have to say below!

Are you ready for this?

You probably aren’t going to like it, but here goes:

Get moving. Move your body. Be active. Work out.

As I mentioned in my post about How I Recovered From Burn Out In My Business, getting fit and healthy was the biggest way I have been able to fend off burn out in my business.

In order to have energy, you must create it.

And as we all know, entrepreneurship isn’t for the...

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Symptoms Of Burnout In Your Business

We hear the words “burn out” when it comes to entrepreneurs, but do we actually know what it means? If we tried to make a list of the symptoms, could we?

I had a vague idea of what the symptoms of burn out where, but when I sat down at a compassion fatigue seminar listening to the presenter outline each symptom, I was stunned.

I was experiencing every. single. thing she was talking about.

So, maybe you are in a stage in your life or business where you are experiencing burn out (or think you are) and need further information to solidify that this is in fact what you are feeling and working through.

If you shake your head yes to all the symptoms on this list, it might be time to do some damage control. In this post, I share some of the most valuable ways in which I recovered from burn out in my business to help you further. I also wrote an article on my best advice for how to prevent burn out in your business.

Symptoms Associated With Burn Out

  1. Fatigue

  2. Irritability

  3. ...

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Five Entrepreneurial Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

Are you a new business owner or looking to start a business?

Or maybe you’ve been in business awhile, but feel like you’ve never quite gotten the ‘business’ thing down?

Or like a lot of us, you feel like you keep making the same mistakes over and over again?

I hear you, friend!

I’ve been an entrepreneur for more than six years now and I can tell you that I’ve made some pretty common, gut wrenching mistakes along the way. As the mission behind The Girl Inspired Project is to empower women with digital business tools, resources, and education, so they can lead more fulfilling, inspiring businesses, I’ve got you covered.

Save yourself the heartache and scroll on to read my:

[Five Entrepreneurial Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs]

  1. Forgoing Writing A Business Plan

    Think of a business plan as the road map to your business; if you don't have a road map, how do you know what direction you are going? Business plans are integral when it comes to...

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Must Have Business Tools For Creative Entrepreneurs + Small Business Owners

There are quite literally hundreds upon hundreds of tools on the market today to help business owners run a more efficient, effective business.

While I have yet to try them all, I have tried a few through owning four different businesses.

In almost seven years of business, I share my best tools I recommend for creative entrepreneurs.

Check them out for yourself and see what works well for your business and work flow.

(While my opinion is strictly my own, some of these do have an affiliate link where I may receive a small commission if you join, FYI! For more information, read our full disclosure here.)

Best Business Tools For Creative Entrepreneurs


Oh, Asana, how I love thee! Let me count the ways! But, in all seriousness, I wouldn’t be able to hit my business goals or manage all of my many projects without Asana. Asana is a project management system you can use to keep track of or assign tasks, share information with teams, collaborate on projects, and preview...

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