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11 Questions To Clarify Your Social Media Strategy

I have learned that social media for business with out a strategic plan is liking running your business in the dark; it’s utter, total chaos.

And if you are still with me, that means you feel the same way. For me, without a digital marketing plan in place, I spent so many hours creating posts, posting, submitting hashtags, reposting, sharing, and engaging with my audience. It took up all my time, my business wasn’t growing, and the return on investment just wasn’t there. Talk about exhausting, defeating, and infuriating.

Eventually, I got tired of all that work without little return and took the time to learn how to layout an effective social media strategy. We aren’t getting into all of that nitty gritty in this post (coming soon, though!), of course, but I am going to get you thinking about clarifying what your social media strategy needs to look like.

I give you eleven-ish questions you can ask yourself to start to work out what your strategy should look like for your business:

  1. WHAT AM I CURRENTLY DOING THAT ISN'T WORKING? This is the MOST important question out of all of them, so really take the time here to look at your digital marketing right now and see what you should keep and what needs to go.

  2. WHAT IS MY MAIN OBJECTIVE? To obtain more customers / clients? To build a community? To sell your product / service? To entertain? Content you put up should serve some purpose in growing your business even if it is something fun, inspiring, or engaging for your audience.

  3. IN WHAT FREQUENCY AM I ABLE TO POST? Are you floodlighting or disappearing from your audience? What frequency works for you, your lifestyle, and your work flow? Can you be consistent? Consistency is key in any area of life or business, friends!

  4. AM I UTILIZING DIFFERENT KINDS OF CONTENT? Nowadays, audiences get bored quicker than you can read this sentence. Switch up your content and ask yourself if you are utilizing these things: Video? Graphics? IGTV? Lives? Carousels? Photos? How can you switch up your media to keep your audience engaged and interested?

  5. AM I ABLE TO TAKE TIME TO PLAN IN ADVANCE? Are you posting haphazardly or on the fly? Can you plan a day, a week, or a month ahead of time? You’ve got to start somewhere. Plan a few days out and then when you are comfortable with your processes, build up from there. It gets easier and easier the more you do it.

When in doubt, if you are currently able, reach out to a professional to help you figure out your social media strategy or hire a Social Media Manager or Communications Director to delegate all your digital media, too.

Delegating your digital marketing isn’t a bad thing, especially if it isn’t in your wheelhouse, or if you prefer to have time to spend on the growth and vision of your business, not content creation.

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