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The Beauty + Business Of Opening A Brick + Mortar With Tracy Trellis, Trellis Beauty

podcast small business Jun 07, 2019

Clean beauty will always be close to my heart. After all, it was my main focus as a makeup artist before clean beauty was cool. 

So, this episode brings together one of my favorite loves with one of my favorite people and fellow business owners, Tracy Trellis with Trellis Beauty!

Trellis Beauty is equal parts innovative, inspiring, and impactful. In everything they do, Trellis Beauty hopes to educate their customers in someway, not just make a sale. Whether you are looking to clean up your beauty routine, take care of your skin, learn a makeup technique, or find a new cult favorite product, Trellis is there for you every step of the way.

In other words, the experience you get at Trellis Beauty is unlike any other makeup shopping experience I've ever encountered.

From constantly testing out and trying new brands, to reducing waste and the impact of beauty waste on the environment, all the way to changing the way women think about their beauty products, Trellis is truly making waves and changing the clean beauty shopping experience.

Honestly, I could go on and on about how much I love their brand, their mission, and Tracy, their owner, but I'm going to let you take a listen and fall in love with them for yourself.

Shop online or learn more at trellisbeauty.com or follow them on all media @trellisbeauty.

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